As a result of recent events and globalisation, a group of specialists from Monaco, Portugal and the UK decided to combine in one journal, a worldwide collection of interviews with experienced real estate agents.
This is the first step to create an exclusive global team of real estate experts, which will collaborate and share real estate investors with the goal, of becoming a point of reference among all the other national and international real estate agencies.
For relationships and business efficiency to develop between national and international real estate agents and to strengthen the confidence among customers, it is necessary that a national classification of all the relevant factors be identified, which can influence the business success.
If you consider yourself an expert in this field and you would like to contribute in this international team of authors and also be a future member of a global real estate network, you are welcome to join this project.
It is imperative for the successful development of the international real estate market, to have specialists prepared to share their expertise to meet the real estate challenges ahead.


Thank you for being part of our project!